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Traffic Light Behavior Management Chart - Use this chart to monitor your students behavior. It also makes it very clear to students what step they are up to in your behavior management program.

Toddler Behavior Chart with Free Printable and Instructions

Toddler Behavior Chart

Use as a way to teach feelings and as a behaviour support took rather than a "behaviour chart" Use to teach emotional intelligence of green(happy) yellow (frustrated) and red (upset) zones.

printable black and whitered light green light classroom behavior managment system - Google Search

Classroom stoplight behavior chart: green-get a treat at the end of class, yellow-warning and has to earn way back to green with good behavior, red-no treat at the end of class. Use a cloths pin for each child's name.

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Stop light for behavior with clothes pins. "Stop before red" time out chart.

Behavior management: creating & teaching

Even though this was from a PK classroom, she does have a good alternative to the "clip chart" Classroom Behavior Management- Why I'm NOT Using a Clip Chart

Placar comportamento

Placar comportamento

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten: Peek at my Week~Circling the Wagons!

Peek at my Week~Circling the Wagons

Wills Kindergarten: Peek at my Week~Circling the Wagons!

Be A Shining Star! - Cute behavior charts, calendars & rewards. Perfect for all teaching styles and behavior levels.

Shining Star Behavior Charts, Calendars & Rewards - EDITABLE

Do you have students who are at different levels in their behavior management? Then these behavior charts, calendars and rewards are the solution. This packet includes behavior charts, calendars and rewards for any teaching style or behavior situation!

Behaivor charts

Education to the Core: Classroom Reveal: Black and White with Pops of Color! FREE Behavior Chart: Education to the Core: Classroom Reveal: Black and White with Pops of Color!

Stop Light Behavior Chart. Green-good behavior. Yellow-warning. Red-Discipline.

Instead as reminders when students are not exhibiting green behavior. As a class define what each color looks, sounds, and feels like.

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baa17f471769c6c16476bf3d8d5e417a.jpg 640×853 pixeles

Normas de aula

Ricca's Kindergarten: Classroom Management {Freebies} wbt rules, Love the rules hanging on the ribbon!

Pre K behavior chart

Visual behavior chart, good for ESL

Classroom Jobs-Teaching the meaning of "responsibility" by putting it straight into practice! Students keep their jobs for a week and then they`re "hired" for another position! Totally works for the teacher and kids are loving it too! JOBS: Door Opener, Eraser, Noise Patrol, Pencil Sharpener, Lights Monitor, Chair Patrol, Absence Reporter, Teacher Helper, Paper Passer

assigning jobs to the students to make them feel like they are important and helpful to our classroom

Tons of Free Printable Behavior Charts

woah-tons of free printable charts! Behavior, number, etc!

I think this is one of my favorite idea. Children think of everything as a competition, so by allowing them to see the good behavior of their peers would make them tighten up. I think this idea is a clear Way to let the kids know when to stop and what is going to happen if they don't.

I thought the idea of incremental punishment is good, gradually prolonging the loss of recess time gives teachers and students room to work and improve before giving them a harsh consequence for misbehaving based on the level of misbehavior.