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Shoe Organizers DIY...all this is is crown molding...amazing and brilliant

DIY Tutorial DIY closet organizers / Shoe Organizers DIY - Bead&Cord

Teenager Post I would eat healthy but remember that 1 time Adam & Eve ate an apple in the garden of Eden & doomed all of humanity so idk better not risk it.

Some kids were dropped as a baby but u were clearly thrown in the air, smacked by a ceiling fan, and tossed out the window

Some kids were dropped as a baby but u were clearly thrown in the air, smacked by a ceiling fan, and tossed out the window and landed in the trash can and your parents said "ah that's were it belongs"

All the time....

Lol nah who could EVER fall in love with me I'm just an antisocial quiet girl wearing black all the time and just sitting in the corner listening to MCR while everyone else is socializing

I may or may not be guilty of this... xD

Teenager Post I didn't want my family to judge me so I walked past them with 2 cookies on my plate and 4 in my pockets.

Okay, I have a mirror in my room that's right across from my bed, so one night my dogs were on my bed with me and my one dog just sat there for like five minutes straight just staring at himself in the mirror. He wasn't moving or anything, just sitting there staring at himself.

for some reason i can't stop laughing and i don't know why ,because that isn't even that funny!<< it is funny. I do it all the time and the animal is like" da fudge is that thing looking at me"

Teenager Posts... I believe this continues well into early adulthood

Teenager Post - Idk my relationship with my siblings is either "yo I'll help you hide the body" or "don't even breathe in my direction" there's no in between.

Stay with me

***you're**** so funny, though. Community Post: 15 Teenager Posts That Will Make You Lose Faith In Humanity

Not awkward, but yeah.

My friend sometimes smells my jacket and says "It smells like your house" and I always ask "what does my house smell like? So now I really wanna be able to know what my house smells like😂😂😂

I do this :P

That awkward moment when someone is standing in front of a grocery item you need so you pretend to look or something else until they move (Try Not To Laugh Teenager Posts)

Well whoever did, thank u because hugs r one of the BEST things in the world! Except for kisses  and my amazing friends

Who invented hugs? I mean the first hug would have been sooo awkward." Why are you holding me?" "Shhh just trust me"

Yaaaass And then I'll randomly burst out laughing during the day for like five years after it happened

And then my friend start laughing because I was laughing so long or weird that they start laughing and make me laugh

Me when I see people looking at me

Teenager Post - May look like I'm listening to music but really I have my volume on zero and listening to everyone's conversation because I'm a true spy kid.

Im not the only one that thinks this?

Im not the only one that thinks this? And then they get little kid slobber germs on the cake