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Damn so fuckin true, yet sometimes they do know it but prefer to be a moon for someone else.

Everyone is temporary

Everyone is temporary. I've been without people I swore I couldn't be without and I'm fine, like goodbye. I don't fucking care.

Tell me about it..

I telp my self "its been a while maybe just this time" on the real it aint healthy

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I'm always amazed by those who have no trace of a relationship on social media.

Exactly..a boy!

-its the queen Queen Tiller ✨-its actually horrendous and it's just too bad little punk boys aren't raised right to have some respect for themselves

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You still a joke. it's a psychological fact that you’re jealous and always have been but you happy right- good stay that way.

And sometimes red flags smell really sexy and say sweet things and give wonderful hugs.