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Hevosenkenkäputouksien reunamille oli muodostunut erilaisen muotoisia jääpiikkejä. Niagara Falls in 19.2.2015

Niagaran putouskin jäätyi: USA:ssa on nyt ennätyskylmää - katso kuvat

IMAGES: 'Frozen' Niagara Falls drawing tourists to winter spectacle

frozen niagara

Niagara Falls freezes over as polar vortex drops temperatures – pictures

Frozen waterfall in Troms region, Norway - Gavin Hellier/JAI/Corbis

A 'Frozen' world: Amazing icy landscapes - Frozen waterfall in Troms region, Norway.

Frozen Niagara Falls in Winter

I have seen Niagara Falls just like this.When I worked in Canada as a Nanny. Niagara Falls in Winter (by Matt Taggart)

Niagara Falls in the Dead of Winter

Niagara Falls is on my Bucket List - this is beautiful.Frozen Niagara Falls In Winter by Christine Schaeffer


Blue lit trees in snow. A pinner did this last year for the Christmas tree indoors covered with fake snow(cotton), blue lights and clear plastic snow flakes you can buy at Big Lots and it was BEAUTIFUL!

awesome pics: Midway Ice Castles, Utah

Winter snow: Midway Ice Castles Utah 36 Incredible Places That Nature Has Created For Your Eyes Only

fancitaste: afternoontea7: Killybegs, County Donegal, Ireland (via Pinterest) (via TumbleOn )

Winter Time - Wintery (and wooly) scene in Killybegs, County Donegal, Ireland, uncredited

Victoria Falls: The Smoke that thunders


Victoria Falls, The Smoke That Thunders. Victoria Falls is a waterfall in southern Africa on the Zambezi River at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

beautiful winter blues .. X ღɱɧღ ||   “ Maybe the wolf is in love with the Moon, and each month it cries for a love it will never touch."

'Nature Speaks' I am not sure if this is a photo or a painting, but so beautiful i had to pin it.


"DESIRE" OIL PAINTING ::: Inspired by my examination of different aspects of love. Poetic Art Statement: Land of Desire - Welcomes Me Home. By Michele Morata For me, a hand in the mist, maybe