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She was a forceful girl alright . Red heads always are but add the  green skin and they are downright nasty and indomitable.... She's from where ? Oh,,,

It's half past get out - Niagara Detroit Great Print for a cheeky Foyer or Guest Bathroom Decoration

Comic Girls Say.. " I spent how much ? "   #comic #popart

tusk gallery a tusk online gallery Alan Delon : Australian Pop Artist

by thisishangingrockcomics.tumblr

It's not easy going through life constantly questioning the punk credibility of everyone around you.

Have some flowers! —"The Purple Tigress" in All-Good Comics (1944) by Betty Brown

talesfromweirdland: ““Have some flowers… Oops, I forgot to remove the vase…” ”

Ahh..  That evil fiend! What could have brought him down this dark path?

Cos-Player, Pete " Pickles " Peckerwood was living the fantasy a little too much and ended up shop lifting items at the Comic Con. Instead of arrest he was given ' comic " justice and beaten up by fellow cos-player Brian " Baked Beans " Bottomcock.