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Any single godless drunks out there?? ;)

Epic Facts 1 Study found the 2 most important factors for marriage compatibility were religion & similarity of drinking habits.

Wine A Little ... Laugh A Lot <3 #quote #wall #art  @Brenda White  @Jennifer Frazier  - to go with the cup?  LOL

Wood wall decor with a text design. Product: Wall decorConstruction Material: WoodFeatures: Typographic motifDimensions: H x W x D

..I've experienced mediocrity in relationships and it's painful to look back on. Such a waste.

unless it is mad, passionate, extraordinary love… it is a waste of time. there are too many mediocre things in life; love should not be one of them.

How to be a supermodel

If stress burned calories, I'd be a supermodel. so true!

Haha heck yes. My freckles aren't as bad as what they use to be.

"A girl without freckles is like a night without stars".Love those "Angel Kisses"!

Coco Chanel

The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive - Coco Chanel ~True that.

Game warden

Wooden sign: "Shopping with your husband is like hunting with the game warden!" haha :) So True

The truth to my Pinterest Addiction

Have any Pinterest?

Ha! I never thought about it, but that's EXACTLY why!!! ROFL! 57 Reasons Why Guys Are Scared Of Pinterest

57 Reasons Why Guys Are Scared Of Pinterest

It is quotes like this who have my husband double guessing what I really mean, When I say "What?" I mean "What?" Maybe I'm not wired like most women, but I mean what I say and I say what I mean, the first time.

...too late! Next up, karma.

Work Quotes: QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Description I hope karma slaps you in the face before I do. Sharing is Caring – Don’t forget to share this quote !