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#RaiseTheWage #FightFor15

#RaiseTheWage #FightFor15

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And here's 11 reasons to thank Obamacare: Starting in August birth control will be accessible to all women with no co-pay. Unless, of course, we elect a Republican president who elects to spend all their efforts on repealing the Affordable Care Act.

Just so you know: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said that the right to bear arms is not unlimited. Understand right wing nuts?

A guy who sells an with no background check is called a private dealer. So, is the guy who sells OxyContin with no prescription just a private pharmacist?

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Why don't the republicans care about the country and its people?If this was a democratic election Republicans would go completely insane like with Obama.

Does anyone even read the congressional record ??  The oppressed middle & lower class in the US only votes for change every 4 years...but change happens every time a vote is put to the floor !

Vote to make sure liars like this are gone! Senate controlled be the Demoncraps are our problem! Vote the Demoncrap liars out!