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The Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit

21 Pictures Only "The Hobbit" Fans Will Think Are Funny

21 Pictures Only "The Hobbit" Fans Will Think Are Funny

Real men, wizards, hobbits, and kings of Gondor do cry.

Sad news: they are not real men are they? Good news: they are more real than real men, so I don't care

They really are Fili and Kili

Dean - Fili and Aiden - Kili from the hobbit.

Whoever made this is a genius!

Well, I don't really have to ask, since my dad likes the movies too. We had a Hobbit/LotR marathon last December 2016 :))

aragorn, Legolas, and lord of the rings resmi

Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn

"Seize it, brother" 😂

"Seize it, brother" 😂

LOTR and mean girls

Mean girls lol


Ooh Thorin feel that burn !

I'll pin Martin Freeman flipping the bird every time. It brings me inner peace.

A Golden Treasury Of Martin Freeman Flipping Off The Cameras Of ‘The Hobbit’

Alternate Hobbit poster I made

Would you like some aloe for that burn? I volunteer to apply to burned areas.

Aloofness In Its Entirety

Okay, this little complication shouldn’t mess up my gloriousness toooo much....

Legolas' face when Gimli joins the fellowship- LOTR

Fili the Dwarf has Swagesty by LarienTelemnar.deviantart.com on @deviantART

The Hobbit - Fili and Kili by KRRouse on DeviantArt

Yes! In the cast commentary they said that it really was dangerous because it was slippery and parts of it broke off or his sword got stuck in the fake rocks. But of course it was only a little ways up so it's not like they could die. :)

Lord of the Rings: Biggest Understatement EVER

So true! Poor Sean Bean dies all the time!

You are so sexy Orlando Bloom, you can wear your hair however you want and still be hot. I remember the mohawk

"Hunger Games doesn't hold a candle to Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit. Legolas, Haldir, Bard, and Kili are far better archers." <----- THANK YOU<--- Even though the hunger games is cool.