he’s dizzy from falling through the rift. they’re lost in time, his hand aches, and he’s in the company of a stranger. the mage cuts through him with a look, and it’s enough to make him bristle.

Dorian Pavus - Dragon Age Inquisition (I think I need to accept defeat and just make a Dorian board.

Dorian and The Inquisitor {Lavellan} - Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dorian and Lavellan a commission for that apparently made someone’s day and let me tell you… I have been dying to draw Dorian~


ivori: u know when one of ur companions has to haul ur inquisitor’s dead ass up from the ground bc u weren’t paying attention and forgot to use a health potion like how fucked up is that in context <------ (you're not actually 'dead' just unconscious)