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Anime version of dog and cat pics<<< cough cough spamano cough cough cough

Aaaaww  Maui srsly reminds me of my friend hahah luv dat guy

Aaaaww Maui srsly reminds me of my friend hahah luv dat guy

Why by Culpeo-Fox. There's something so heartbreaking about this. This artist is able to show an amazing range of emotion and personality through his characters.

Idk what it says but it's super sweet 😍😍😍

captures angel and more ;)

aphamerica, aphengland, usuk, hetalia<<<the sun looks traumatized in the last frame

Clem...Hi by artandmartini on deviantART http://artandmartini.deviantart.com/art/Clem-Hi-421392515 Awww, Clem and Cry. ^__^

Awww, Clem and Cry.


This is some Wolf Children shit right here

I can see you you know by Hubedihubbe

Eeeeeeeeeeee I love this one so much! Someone was caught staring!

Prey And Predator

Prey And Predator

Ridiculously cute Judy and Nick from Zootopia.

Spain and Romano

hubedihubbe: Lovino and the Slippery Bathtub of Holy Fuck

Chrome's Little Bird 2 by Jon-Lock.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Chrome's Little Bird

Chrome's Little Bird by Jon-Lock on deviantART 02

à utiliser en jeu d'association type memory avec des tableaux célèbres des artistes

Different cat drawing style - FunSubstance

If this was a real Nintendo game I swear I'd play it

Hetalia - Chibi Italy and Chibi Germany

GIF: meowmi96.deviantart.com/art/Yo… meowmi96.deviantart.com/art/Bl… Bloody Painter©Mine Dina©Minister

> <<she's probably acting dumb and she wants Helen to know without exposing herself .

Tamen De Gushi 1 Page 1

Tamen De Gushi 1 - Read Tamen De Gushi 1 Online - Page a rly funny manga, I recommend it :D

Snk: good parents by Zencelot on deviantART  http://zencelot.deviantart.com/art/Snk-good-parents-387603987

Snk: good parents by Zencelot on deviantART…

Too cute (Life is Strange)

Too cute (Life is Strange)

(Life is Strange) Max Caulfield/Chloe Price