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Funny pictures about Evil Plotting Duck Planning His Revenge. Oh, and cool pics about Evil Plotting Duck Planning His Revenge. Also, Evil Plotting Duck Planning His Revenge photos.



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Cereal Guy Meme... I'm crying lol

I did When I was eating rice suddenly I sneezed I was sick back then then on of the rice sticked in my nose and I was sneezing all over and over until I came to get it out lol That really happened



Oh that explains it.

How cowlicks happen! There must be a lot of cows in Kaiden's room at night! That boy wakes up with the worst bed head. Esp his 'cowlick'

Star Wars - John Williams - Cantina Band [Original] - YouTube Totally gonna be my recessional song after the vows. Gonna dance out of my wedding to this song. YAAAAS

Entertainment: Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes (the band from the Mos Eisley Spaceport that plays the cantina song)

18 Geeks Who Are Having Way Too Much Fun with Statues - TechEBlog

Here are some people who are having way too much fun with statues. I wish we had better statues where we are. Need to find a good one.