If you started running when you first thought about it, you'd be back by now.

Aint that the truth. If you started running when you first thought about it, you'd be back by now.

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So inspiring. Taken from Chris Powell website

Dead last is greater than didn’t finish, which trumps didn’t start. This would so be me if I was a runner. Dead last.

18 Things I wish I'd known before my first half marathon - tips to help you have a great race

18 Things I Wish I’d Known Before My First Half Marathon

Studies from world renowned researcher Patrick Mckeown found a simple nasal breathing trick WHILE in the lactic threshold, to be the best way to increase nitric oxide levels and strengthen blood flow NATURALLY.

funny cats and dogs

Usually, i couldn't care less about the "hey girl ryan gosling" things, but the fact that it was an actual husky.


The hardest step for a runner is the first one out the door. Needed this motivation this morning!


Just Run. The competition isn't other runners, it's the voice inside your head telling you to quit!

Wish you were able to roll out of bed and squeeze in a workout in before the crack of dawn? All it takes is a notebook, a smoothie, and a little motivation. Fitness Instructor Specialist Angela Simpson shares her favorite morning workout tips.

10 Tips to Become a Morning Exerciser

10 Tips For Becoming a Morning Gym-Goer - I'm already a morning person.now I just need to be a super active morning person!

Speed Workout Tips From 7 Running Experts: I did #2 yesterday -- 5 long hill (quarter mile long) repeats at 5k pace ... they kicked my butt! I've never done a speed workout w/hills before.

Speed Workout Tips From 7 Running Experts