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O ja!


My 1st TV ... Fisher Price <3<3<3

Fisher-Price Two Tune Television Toy I had one of these.I guess it was my first TV :)

Duracell Powercheck

Oh my lord I remember these batteries! Most brilliant idea ever- the meter told u how low the battery was!

Fisher Price Record Player ~ My son thought this was cool because it was like 'Dad's record player'.

Fisher Price Record Player- I loved this thing growing up! I was so curious as to how the bumps made the machine play music.

Charlie - October 1975

Charlie - October 1975

I am turning mine into a cellphone dock! childhood Fisher Price School Days Desk: Just looking at the picture, I shiver because I remember how it felt to scratch my nails on the chalkboard.

I almost ate the entire tutti frutti one during a particularly boring school assembly, as I recall.

Retro Corner: Kissing Koolers by Maybelline.OMG I totally remember these. Cherry Cola was the best!

Can't wait to re-read this one: a book from my childhood - Sweet Valley High: Double Love by Francine Pascal

sweet valley high series (book 1 by: Francine Pascal). I read these at the age of 12 and loved them, a new book came out every week that I can remember and mum would get me one. I nearly had the whole collection.

5127949263_4b6004f07c_b.jpg (1024×683)

5127949263_4b6004f07c_b.jpg (1024×683)

Caboodles- they still have these! I had one when I was growing up and I got Taylor one for Christmas :)

caboodle-wrapped up at Christmas I thought it was a tackle box lol