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The crazy relationship between Merlin and Arthur... So confusing :S

All the fandoms, explained in one GIF each. So perfect. Click it. The merlin Fandom one is the best!<---- I love the Doctor Who one<< This is the best!

"What the feudal system?!"

"What the feudal system?" xD When I watched this episode I was like Family TV show remember? But tbh his reaction was exactly what I was thinking xD WHAT THEEE.

Bromance. The moment when two actors,or two friends find that they're brothers in their own world. For Bradley James and Colin Morgan,theirs will live on for years,for they will be known as Arthur and Merlin.

It's cuz this man is secretly in love with Colin Morgan. Yea, you heard it from me first. :D<<<Question: who *isn't* secretly in love with Colin Morgan?