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This is so true after having taken my kids there 15 times. Love the place so much.

I've got Disney Blood running through my veins - yup this is so true!

What its like having sex on my dorm bed<--------LOL PREVIOUS PINNER'S COMMENT. I JUST DIED.

What it's like having sex on my dorm bed

well now i know how to say "My acorn is missing. Did you eat my acorn? You owe me a new acorn." in squirrel ;

Curious Nemo Facts - Imgur

Curious Nemo Facts

Funny pictures about Facts About Finding Nemo. Oh, and cool pics about Facts About Finding Nemo. Also, Facts About Finding Nemo.

:) no matter how old I get, I will ALWAYS love Disney!! :)

A true Disney fan...

Omygosh all of them are SO TRUE! Especially that red head one ;) I am a true Disney kid at heart always have been always will be

That .1%

since you call me princess all the time at work! Coffey Blair Sharp B

proud to  be one... don't grow up too fast because before you know it you won't be young and free anymore

I am Disney kid. I believe that there is a Neverland and fairies and mermaids. I am a Disney kid and I believe that anything is possible. I believe in the power if magic and friendship. I am a Disney kid

Who's Your Disney Best Friend? I got: Pascal from Tangled!

Who's Your Disney Best Friend?

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Disney is calling me all the time yes I like it I have more fun stuff to work for that's why they call me Mickey Mouse love taking phone called about disney work :)

I'm sitting in class right now and I almost busted out laughing in complete silence. Thank you whoever made this my day has just been made better.

I laughed so hard at this one

Disney addicts live a much happier life! We sing 24 hours a day, hold our pets up to the moon, wear mouse ears on our head and bleed pixie dust! is your life this good?

Disney Addicts live a much happier life! For all my Disney addicts out there.this is soooooo true!

I'm 99.9% sure I'm a Disney Princess. That .1% of uncertainty is because birds don't talk to me.

I love this, hilarious! It's so true though. But cats talk to me so that must be something. I must be closer to a princess then!