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Art for me/featuring my characters Picture featured on the collection icon: . by Hakaishi

Chaman by Dzo Olivier

French born graphic designer and artist DZO Olivier was born into a family environment which he says was conducive to his exploration in gra.

Serine by Tatchit on @DeviantArt

Bust commission for of their character Serine!They gave me freedom to put beads and things on their char so I had tons of fun.

Crush by Saagai on deviantART

' *whistling* More wonky-legged mongrels. -- Mechanical pencil and pigment liners.

without a reason ♆ SLF666

death art Black and White Cool white Typography Awesome black Grunge dark satan goth 666 devil pastel goth inverted cross


Wendigo: A cannibalistic monster in Northern Native American folklore, particularly stemming from the Ojibwe and Cree. A human can become a Wendigo when they consume human flesh, or when a Wendigo overtakes them.

What a Lovely Bloodflow - Monster!Carm

What a Lovely Bloodflow – Thank you carmillaseries, natvanlis, and adamantred for being such an inspiration!

Black Rat - Ingrid Alice

majority ~ average black rats on the bigger side (so ugly they're almost attractive)