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Shhhh I'm brilliant!

This is super funny just because of the She's The Man reference.-Ash Davison Lee R O O K E // W I L L I A M S Lee Hummel Bare

One direction

One direction. things got pretty bad after that happened

Lln!!! Repin if u get it! XD

Be ready future kids,for u will b named either Diana or Georgia Rose :)

coincidence i think not. (sorry if i offend anyone i like Taylor's songs just not a big fan of her)

i know i said no more haylor hate but you gotta admit this one is pretty funny

Hahahahaha yesss!! Every single time!!<<< my mom rolls her eyes and has a "here we go again" look in her eyes

So True it's kinda Scary. I squeal, fan girl, then look at mom lol

Really though!!!

i would be climbing out that car faster than niall eats his food

Yeah Abigail, I'm literally giving you 5 seconds

Hate her, abigail sucks, not mikey<<< the song sucks so much I got half way through and was like "this is the most dumbest songs ever!"<<<I really hate this girl>> lets take a moment to appreciate out fam

Omfg idk

I don't vote in situations like that unless I can vote 2 times

I don't know if I should be alarmed or happy

First Try ever At The Now famous Originally created by The One and only of course . I hope You ll like It , I dont know If Im Happy With It or Not I spent hella Time on It 🌚

a safe place to enjoy everything louis, harry or larry todays prompt for is: louis & harry + fond