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Many things shape the face of a city: buildings, bridges, parks, sculptures... even benches! That's right, this simple form of public furniture can also ...

50+ Of The Most Creative Benches And Seats Ever

Héctor Zamora es una artista mexicano que crea obras a gran escala en espacios públicos. Los materiales que Zamora utiliza en cada instalación tienen un significado específico para el sitio donde se encuentran. El artista invita a la comunidad local a interactuar con sus instalaciones, de esta manera la mayoría de sus obras envían un […]

Héctor Zamora: Intervenciones de espacios públicos

after recently opening its doors to the public, BIG has released iwan baan-photographed images of the LEGO house in denmark.

Nets for lying in become a unique attraction at this waterfront walkway | CONTEMPORIST

Remodeling of the recreational area at the Paprocany lake is another project focused on exposing values of the landscape and expanding recreational offer for.

Impressive Urban Public Seating Designs https://www.designlisticle.com/urban-public-seating/

Impressive Urban Public Seating Designs

The Solar Powered Soft Rocker Workstation. You would get arrested in the United States for this :) lol just saying

Banana bench, Montreal, Canada

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Escofet Slope by Woodhouse

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