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How to Show Everyone You Are the Very Best

Funny pictures about Gear shift for the forever alone. Oh, and cool pics about Gear shift for the forever alone. Also, Gear shift for the forever alone.

Dewgong and Bulbasaur fusion = Dewbasaur.

43 Pokemon Mash-Ups That Are Better Than The Real Thing <<< Escuse Me! But I love Bulbasaur just the way it is!

Which came first? pinner said: well bulbasoar was first shown and mew is said to be the oldest pokemon rhydon was the very first to be drawn/designed and arceus is known as ''the original one'' hmm no wrong answer

Pokemon - This is interesting. Bulbasaur is the first Pokemon listed in the Pokedex, Mew is the ancestor of all Pokemon, Rhydon was the first Pokemon ever designed, and according to Pokemon mythology, Arceus was the first Pokemon to come into existence.

Custom Light-Up Pokeballs made by ThePhoenixOrbProjectCan also be custom-made to shake simulating the capture of a PokemonCheck em out here

Realistic Light-Up PokeballsYou won’t get any closer to becoming a real Pokemon Master than with these lifelike Pokeballs! Each Pokeball has a built in light around the button and can be ordered with extra special effects such as capture sounds,.

Decidueye GX | Sun & Moon

Decidueye GX | Sun & Moon

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What Really Happens at a Pokemon Center, the ruin of all our dreams. 2 days ago I saw the pink thing take its egg out and some weird crap to fix a Pokemon. This is way better. PS I'm not a fan of pokemon


Pokemon encouragement classroom grade poster- magikarp to gyarados "your grades. Your potential. Take the time to level up your grades"