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Yup...this is me...sorry... i just say i ate before i came... and then me and sammy sneak a poptart...cuz she hates it too

That's why I always say anything they suggest is fine bc I'm too awkward to say otherwise and I don't wanna be a bother😂

1950s housewives fighting zombies  - Kickstarter please!!! Make this into a video game! I will throw money at you!

I don't play video games but I'd learn for this one! era where only men become zombies and the housewives kick ass. :D<< as someone that plays a lot of video games, this sounds awesome

Yet another compilation

Yet another compilation

I love all the fandom ones xD and housespouse, datemate, and the famous one.

This is too much power for one mortal to possess.

I Think We Found Our New Disney Princess… <-- We need a modern Disney princess who is a little girl. And a Disney PRINCE for once.

Jefferson loooves 1D, this is PERFECT!

This Guy's Prank is Way Ogre the Top

this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.<<<<My two favorite things one direction and shrek

Funny tumblr post

Poor man lost his precious vegetables, and to a stranger no less

God god god I can't even think about that, middle school is nonexistent to me now.


Classic Burns #130

Classic Burns by vlade - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community