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Newspaper Template - Tabloid

Newspaper Template - Tabloid

Since we are working as newsbook(?) maybe using some newspaper designs in the yearbook would change up the dynamic of what defines Kerr publications and our work.

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Travail de typo-designer Sean Williams qui a dessiné chaque portraits d’acteurs connus et de pop star : Rihanna

Jay-Z Justin Timberlake Eminem Harry Styles de One Direction Rihanna Par Sean

Typographic Portrait / Emma Watson #typography #topographic #portrait   #celebrity #emmawatson #type #font #black #black #white #design #graphic #projects

Typographic Portrait / Emma Watson #typography #topographic #portrait #celebrity #emmawatson #type #font #black #black #white #design #graphic #projects

Calligraphy Portraits :Vlada Shamova

Calligraphy Portraits :Vlada Shamova The way that the words blend in to make it also her hair while having words around it having two meanings to the picture is incredible.

Guest Post by Jane Love: “Do You Not Know that You Shouldn’t Help ‘Such People’?”

Guest Post by Jane Love: “Do You Not Know that You Shouldn’t Help ‘Such People’?” (Ipuna Black)

Guest Post by Jane Love: “Do You Not Know that You Shouldn’t Help ‘Such People’?”

Design a cool Typography Portrait in Adobe Illustrator—work with the Envelope Distort feature on text;

Look closely at this headline image. hard to believe it's created entirely from letters and words! Martin Perhiniak shows how to create this for your portraits in 7 simple simple steps.

Text portrait using a vareity of pen colour and thickness.

This piece makes me think about student life, the young girl is made from text, this makes you think if thw words are things shes said or other people have said, is it keywords she remembers from books or is it words that define her.

type jeans

Selling pants visually is tricky—all the more reason this campaign is awesome! Dockers posters Plus

i give you desire

30 Imaginative Examples of Typographic Portrait of a Human Face

portrait of van tomiko from do as infinity for typography class. i give you desire

Typographic Portraits - Beautiful Text Art

50 Amazing Typographic Portraits – Beautiful Text Art

Typography is the art and technique of using and arranging letters, type design, and modifying type glyphs. Type glyphs are created and modified using a variety of illustration techniques.