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And yes, I'm in the Robin Hood fandom XD

Marian of Knighton

Lucy Griffiths as The Night Watchman/Maid Marian (BBC Robin Hood series)

Robin Hood BBC: Will GIF: BEST EVER!

Funniest gif: this one. Just because it was such a funny scene, and also, Will's expression is priceless.

Victorian Guard - Aldo Vicente

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Guy trying to comfort her after the death of her father - I was sobbing during this scene. It wasn't because I liked her dad really, just because how sad everyone was. And Guy...JUST AGH

Guy trying to comfort her after the death of her father - BBC Robin Hood

I just want these people in my books I just do. I swear they will be in every book I ever write

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Marian momentan

Jonas Armstrong and Lucy Griffiths as Robin Hood and Maid Marian in BBC's TV show Robin Hood.

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