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Hamilton Hound

The Hamiltonstövare breed was developed in Sweden by the founder of the Swedish Kennel Club, Count Adolf Hamilton. In my little experience with this breed of hound, they are very hardworking, although stubborn.

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Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed Guide: Get in depth information about the Norwegian Elkhound and start learning what makes this breed of dog so unique.

I had a tuxedo cat who would sleep on top of the door.

A cat can sleep anywhere. My favorite (although it's hard to choose!) is the cat sleeping on the hangers in the closet.

Norwegian Elkhound. Looks like Sheba Sue. She was a wonderful companion

It's no doubt that Norwegian Elkhound is a powerful, dominant and loyal companion!

American Wirehair Cat. This is a rare type of cat with a wiry, curly coat. There are apparently fewer than 30 registered of this breed.

American Wirehair Cat Breed, Information and Care. American Wirehair cats are people cats that crave human attention and affection. They are active cats


The Bucovina Shepherd, also known as the Bucovina Sheepdog or Caine Ciobanesc de Bucovina, is a breed of domestic shepherding dog that was used by Romanian shepherds to guard herds in the Carpathian Mountains.