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Čierny šery – Wikipedia

Čierny šery – Wikipedia

ASgoldsilver - Alsatian shepalute – Wikipedia

"The American Alsatian is bred to resemble, in size and bone structure, the extinct Dire Wolf" Super Cool Bear!

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Nadine is an American Alsatian, a breed that has been selected to have some traits of the extinct dire wolf (Canis dirus). Ooh my own little dire wolf would be awesome!

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Blue eyes AKC German shepherd from Czech - Page 1

Alsatian Shepalute

American Alsatian - bred to look like a Dire Wolf. They are ment to be companion dogs.

alsatian shepalute - Google Search

thepaintedbench: “ Wolf-Dog Hybrid ” That looks like an American Alsatian - not a wolfdog of any manner. They are supposedly bred to look like the extinct Dire Wolf, which I guess can cause a touch of.

have you ever noticed, dogs love to play in water, until you want to give them a bath!!

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The American Alsatian, breed from several domestic dogs (not wolfs) to look like the old Dire Wolf.   I think I may want one, depending if they are good with cats. I can not handle barking, but dogs that are more wolf like howl which I do better with.  These dogs are also are very very content and easy going, for there wolf look.   But due to the special amount of breeding they cost a lot $$$$.

The Dire Wolf project aims to create a breed of domesticated large companion dogs that have the feral look of the extinct dire wolf.