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They be copyin' Steven Universe Y'all. Who agrees??

They be copyin' Steven Universe Y'all. Who agrees?

Photos from posts

Photos from posts

That sounds like something I'd like

Leo - Holy shit that actually might happen

pinterest; @liqvidstate / tumblr; @liqvidstate

now she sleeps with one eye open and that's the price she'll pay

Zodiac signs

I have a chrus on you too(*´꒳`*)

LOL... more like 6am "honey can you pleeease turn that down?" I start snoring around 4 lol.

my life haha *cough* supernatural *cough* doctor who *cough* sherlock holmes *cough*

Just sayin

How I learned to mind my business

Ass-trilogy. Zodiac.

ahaha Aqaurius yes, Pisces, Cancer, Leo yes

#Capricorn so true

When the signs fall asleep

the zodiac signs as characters - Google Search

the zodiac signs as characters - Google Search

I'll never go behind your back...I want you to know it was me, so I stab you in the front

well I'm a backstabbing Capricorn, but I agree that my Scorpio friend is def not heartless! and my abuser? she was the stupidest Gemini to exist.

Well, obviously whoever wrote this is a pieces, Leo, Aries or Sagittarius  because the s in Scorpio is not capital and the rest is! Lol!

Are you kidding me, as a Sagittarius, typos are actually a big pet peeve of mine



Zodiac Signs "I Smell Bullshit" Percentage | www.thezodiaccity.com

Zodiac Signs "I Smell Bullshit": happens me everytime i meet someone new that i don't kinda like