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Funny Genetics. Incomplete dominance

Lightbulb and Swirly ice cream make a baby- swirly energy efficent light bulb

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Neu bei Ikea: KLOPPE (mit Anleitung)


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DIY Stonehenge  Important! Ensure all components are free from mud, dung and evil spirits before assembly. Wear appropriate safety equipment (spear, ??, etc.) in the event of bears. Small parts are not included  If plagued by demons or suffering from pestilence, seek advice from a druid before attempting assembly.  May contain quartz.

Funny pictures about Ikea Stonehenge. Oh, and cool pics about Ikea Stonehenge. Also, Ikea Stonehenge photos.

Sorry for the language<<< The language is what makes it beautiful. One Direction pun intended.

You’re making it too easy…

we're not "grammar nazis". we just know how to spell.-----Lindsay should have said, "people who." not "people that." Who is for people, that is for things.

Ok, some of these really had me laughing. Of course I am always sleep deprived, so that might have a little to do with it!

Funny pictures about Baby Do's and Don'ts. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Do's and Don'ts. Also, Baby Do's and Don'ts photos.

Grapes of Wrath, I give to you, stick a few in your shoe, from the fire they did come, to redo what was undone. Fun you have- oh yes you do- but only with your chosen few. The ones left out in the rain are happy now and enjoy gain.

Funny pictures about Grapes of Wrath. Oh, and cool pics about Grapes of Wrath. Also, Grapes of Wrath.

James olstein bbc focus myths  0000 layer 4

by James Olstein

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Funny pictures about The dark shadow rises. Oh, and cool pics about The dark shadow rises. Also, The dark shadow rises.

I'm crying. I am literally crying because of this video. This is wonderful. XD

Best cat compilation video I've seen! I am literally crying because of this video. This is hilarious.