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I hate snow

Show of hands. Who's tired of snow? Or just cold weather!


bosses be like, you're still coming to work right.this is how it is for a nurse or anyone who works with the public

Bring it on!

"This is how I feel upon arriving at the beach." Lolthis is how I feel at the beach!

cow and snowman

Creative, upcycle ideas for your garden or outdoor space, including images curated from around the world.

When it's this cold outside, I'm dreaming of a winter wonderland weekend. Are you able to make an upside down snowman and snow angels today?

When it snows....

Circle of winter. Just finished shoveling the driveway. Better go shovel the driveway.


Snow days in Indiana.about time to find a way to get the buses back in route instead of mom's doing it for them.no more snow days please.ha ha ha, so glad my son's are done with school.