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endless screaming, squealing, and pterodactyl screeching. i dont even know how to describe what happens when i attempt to fangirl silently and fail miserably.

I do that so much! At first I'm begging people to start watching it, then, I hate them for fangirling about it!

On Christmas I gave everyone at school cards with doctor who and Sherlock and supernatural quotes in just to get people to start watching them but I don't want people to start watching them because THEYRE MY TV PROGRAMS!

Funny Fangirl Tumblr

Have a channel just for fandom game shows. I would watch it all the time.

Yeah... And we have to watch them falling totally in love with Other fictional characters/Other crazy attractive people

This is SOOO accurate. I HATE hipsters when they think love hurts THEM when it hurts US all the time

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One time my friend and I were visiting a college where her father works and she started fangirling and she was on the floor in a ball squealing and spazzing.

I tried explaining to my mother what shipping was and now she ignores me when I say anything fandom related.

Trying to explain fandom things to non-fandom people is like trying to explain trigonometry to a dog. Except the dog won't judge you for knowing trigonometry.

Do you want to build a snowman parody. Except Theo is Percy and Instagram is Pinterest. Who wants to help me write the rest?!

I wanna join the Percy Jackson fandom *crying* I want the books

#benedictcumberbatch #tomhiddleston #anyonebritish and a couple American actors too. sad but true

I would punch my dad and say the same thing. There is something else I would say is stop yelling at the tv dad.

Points...for this being an awesome idea.

Why on Earth would you just nod? You would go into a long fangirl rant about your OTPs!

Every fandom.

The Fangirl Oath. Pledge allegiance to your fandoms. It's the fangirl version of the pledge to Artemis! :D<<I pledge myself to the goddess Artemis, I turn my back on the company of men, accept eternal maiden-hood, and join the hunt

Or watching an old show

Here's where she meets Prince Charming! But she won't discover that it's him till chapter three! <<<< this quote Belle represents us book lovers so perfectly yet another reason she has always been my favorite

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The is literally the thing I do every single night before I go to sleep. --> I'm not sure I can fall asleep without doing that anymore.>>> I have found my people

I thought I was the only one

Accurate reaction is accurate.Gerita/Prucan/Gruvia(Fairytail)/Any otp?