sapta-loka: katie-scott: Illustrations done in collaboration with Amsterdam Worldwide for Scalpel, a Pernod Ricard publication.

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Cacti by Katie Scott – one of my favorite plants. It's amazing how many different shapes, colours and sizes cacti come in. It's very simple, shape pattern and colour, and it works for the kind of plant being documented, a very simple looking plant.

El concepto natural de Katie Scott | Undermatic

El concepto natural de Katie Scott

Aprender de rocas y minerales

poster of rocks and minerals from the vintage little golden nature guide "rocks & minerals"

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Amalgamation is minutes of morphing, rippling, mutating, animated goodness. You can watch the full video here or just let your brain slowly melt while watching the animated gif above. Motion design by Micaël Reynaud and portraits by Michael Jang.