Lettische Fingerlose Handschuhe stricken Kit von BethKnitsandWeaves

Latvian Fingerless Mitts Knitting Kit

Img_2176_small2gnome mittens by spilly jane

Gnome Mittens pattern by SpillyJane

Hand Knit Kitty Mittens - Ravelry: Missy C pattern by JennyPenny

Missy C pattern by JennyPenny

Chaussons Plus Plus

Chaussons Plus Plus

Worked from the toe up, this is a pair of socks that will not be easily forgotten. Adorable knitted foxes and a two color sole make this pattern whimsical, wonderful, and sly as a fox! Every moment of knitting them will be an experience you won’t forget.

Foxy Sox pattern by Elizabeth Strube

Latvian mittens were knit originally on needles varying in size from 0-0000 (2-1.25 mm, 13-16 English). The yarn was usually a fine 2-ply homespun similar to an 8/2 weaving yarn or as fine as a “fingering yarn”. The pattern asks that you find your own gauge with your own needles and yarn and then adjust the graph based on a sizing chart at the back of the book.

Ravelry: lacesockslupins& Graph 30 - District of Zemgale, Pēternieki, Jelgava, (fringe removed)

Photo of fairisle-stockings- Helen of pointy pointy sticks did these fantastic stockings that she knitted for her son and nephew this year!  Helen used a mishmash of fair isle patterns to create the striking design on these stockings, including some free Ravelry patterns by Kristen Hall, General Hogbuffer.

Festive Fair Isle Christmas Stockings

/ fairisle stockings / helen of pointy pointy sticks knitted these fantastic stockings for her son and nephew /


Ravelry: janemumbles' Mitten Swap Mittens, knit in Briggs & Little sport in Scarlet, Rust, Sheep's Grey, and Gold.

Ravelry: craftzone's Musmirytės

Ravelry: craftzone's Musmirytės - Oh my lordy. One day I MUST learn how to knit these kinds of patterns!

Ravelry: Trin-Annelie's Autumn Trees

Trin-Annelie's Autumn Trees

cast on 126 sts for ribbing and increased to full stitchcount for a more beanie like look. brim just two colours started decreasin.