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You know that totally unique piercing you got?A piercing gone wrong.

Little Rascals, then and now

The Little Rascals (Then & Now)

little rascals. Aww man, Spanky works at Walmart? He made that good of a movie and insted of doing another one he works at Walmart!

Brace Yourselves, it's a long post.  Holy hell, if this is real.... OMG

Brace Yourselves, it's a long post

One of the funniest things ever. why would you get a winged turtle as a tattoo? this is friggin HILARIOUS! IDC if its real or not, its still funny.

Tumblr gets evil

I done this to my friend she almost choked to death and I was laughing to much I didn't help she could have died whoops--------//// OMG THESE ARE SO FUNNY

If I ever lost a toe... I guess you have to look on the bright side and have a sense of humour :)

Finally, a tattoo you won't regret

Love that someone found humor in an otherwise bad situation. I'd use my accidental dismemberment payment to get this tattoo :) ~ Ink Tattoos Little Piggy

The gifted Jennifer Lawrence…

Jennifer Lawrence is so awesome, she can make Kristen Stewart smile. I never thought I'd live to see the day.IT'S A MIRACLE!

Compilation des 30 Tattoo #Fail !

Compilation des 30 Tattoo #Fail !

excuse the language but too strange and hilarious

Mwahahahaha You will never find me for I am The cereal killer I have found my people

Okay the title doesn't match the post at all, but wow this post is mind-blowing!

The 28 Most Fabulous DIY Bath Bomb Recipes Ever!

Every letter and numeral in English is in this diagram. Every English language book you've ever read is right there. *brain explodes* edited to add: if you can't find a letter, read the comments, someone has probably explained where to find what you're l

38 Cute Cat Tattoo Examples - would look cute on a leg

38 Cute Cat Tattoo Examples

30 Amazing Black Cat Tattoos in Different Styles - Bet that the first thing that comes to mind when you look at a black cat is a witch or something close in the meaning to a witch. Black cats have become an epitome of …