Definitely a man cave sign! Danger, ninjas and pirates and lasers and shit.


Fart Now Loading Funny T-Shirt Cancel People Of Walmart Humor - this made Dan and I laugh really hard! But seriously, who would wear that?

Funny Thanks Ecard: Thanks for pinning the top 5 tips to a flat belly followed by a recipe for a 5 layer chocolate cake.

I just skim those flat belly pins. I wasn't BORN with a flat belly.

Expectativa y realidad

expectation vs reality, funny memes, funny pictures of expectations vs reality

HaHa!!! Can you relate!

Rock - Paper - Scissors --- A cop just pulled me over and said papers, so I said scissors, I win, and drove off .


Funny pictures about Confession. Oh, and cool pics about Confession. Also, Confession.

I'm bringing it with me cuz last time we got in the car I came back with no balls

funny dog picture dog with ball in mouth in car last time i was in the car i came back with no balls

Along with some shit i made up.

I solemnly swear to tell the truth part of the truth along with some s**t I made up. Ain't that the truth.

10 Funny Baby Pictures - Bizzare Stuff

Pics Photos - Funny Fun Humor Kids Babies Baby Children Bath Tub Having Bath Pics