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Koulustipendi - Etnisiin vähemmistöryhmiin kuuluvista tytöistä ainoastaan 46 prosenttia aloittaa peruskoulun Laosissa, ja yleensäkin lasten asema on heikko syrjäisissä yhteisöissä. Tule mukaan Planin työhön, jonka tavoitteena on taata yhä useammalle lapselle laadukas peruskoulutus turvallisessa oppimisympäristössä.

SAMA is bringing quality early childhood care and development (ECCD) services to ethnic minority children and their families in some of the poorest districts of Laos.

Me and my mate watched a Bumble bee wee the other day lol,,mother nature is so awsome !!!!!!!!

Bee on a Daisy - 'Summer Collection' - by Jacky Parker - Colors: Green, White, Yellow, Black

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Precious PixieWinks / universalbeauty: Native American girl from the. (native american girl from the crow tribe)

| April | The beauty of storm clouds . . .

photo by greg pths. "With the sun on my shoulder and the wind at my back, I will never grow older. At least not in my mind.


Children wait in line as they watch a boy ahead of them leap from the diving board into the swimming pool, Glen Echo, Maryland, United States, photograph by Mark Kauffman.

I really, really really like the metaphorical design on this.  Using the words to form the barrel, trigger, etc. of the gun in addition to its message, "Education is the most powerful weapon," really illustrates for me the creativity and catches my eye, since the design is based on a gun.

Saretta - This is one example of visual metaphor. The word in this picture is 'Education is the most powerful weapon', and use this word to make a shape of gun which ic very convinving. The whole picture is clear to see and easy to understand.

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The trouble is, you think you have time, adapted from Carlos Castaneda.

A great smile in every situation, next time feel cheated out of something, remember this little girl.

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School for Less Fortunate 06 November 2012 Altaf Qadri New Delhi, India A boy writes on a blackboard painted onto the wall of a building, at a free school under a metro rail bridge, in New Delhi, India.