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Snowy owl - Harfang des neiges

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Fantastic photo of a Snowy Owl by John Chapman Photographer

Fantastic photo of a Snowy Owl by John Chapman -Photographer - a marvelous gift pin from my "Pindred" Spirit, Ashaley Lenora

Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus). Photo by Rachel Bilodeau.

The Snowy Owl is a large white Owl with a rounded head, and barely visible ear-tufts. The name 'scandiacus' is a Latinised word referring to Scandinavia, as the Owl was first observed in the northern parts of Europe.

Harfang des neiges / Snowy Owl .

Birds of Prey - Snowy Owl in flight. What a beautiful sight. - photo by Studebaker Studio

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Snowy Owl - Bird of Prey

Snowy Owls live in the Arctic tundra of North America, Europe & Asia. It is one of the largest owl species and the heaviest.

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Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus) landing - Picture 9 in Bubo: scandiacus - Location: Quebec, Canada. Photo by Rachel Bilodeau.