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Brain Injury Survivor Bill Of Rights I have the right to take care of myself.This is not an act of being is my reality. I have the right to seek help & support from others.I recognize the limits of my endurance & strength. I have the right to rest when I need to without anyone judging me or making me feel guilty. I have the right to get angry,depressed & express my frustrations or difficult feelings I may be having. I have the right to reject manipulation by...

Brain Injury Survivor Bill Of Rights - this actually counts for any kind of health issue. Take care of your health first, others will either be supportive or move on.

Today this is exactly how I feel... worthless

I'm sitting here crying bc this is the truest thing ever and I feel like dying. I have depression and anxiety and I hate myself just bye I'm so sorry.

How about you guys?     #Regram via @kaylaxyyc)

I must confess, my taste in music rarely changes. Often, I don't care to be adventurous when it comes to what I listen to. And that's a sh.

Not giving one single fuck

It's about trying to feel pain outside, so you don't have to feel it inside, and it's not a cry for attention...

I cut myself. never enough to die. but always enough to fell the pain. to feel my demons scream inside.