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Birthday, Memes, and Cake: abbi price abbiprice Still haven't got over my birthday cake This is art

These are good.

You're Gonna Wanna Read These 21 Hilarious Tweets From This Week

Oh no... don't... don't... I'M SERIOUSLY INNER FANGIRL DON'T *Inner fangirl giggles* Inner fangirl: " I SHIP IT ITS A SHIP"

21 Pictures That Sum Up The Hell That Is Finals Week

I hate fractions with a passion, that this is still hilarious


I would accept the car and tell him it counts as his child support :):):) bye bitch

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Blacks with demeanor - Imgur

Blacks with demeanor - Imgur

Post on Makeup Contouring

Power of contouring. Rarely do i use foundation, I like to let my skin breath! all I need is concealer and bronzer.A : decepticon

17-year-old James Charles has a highlight so bright, even Zendaya noticed.

This High School Student's Highlight Was So Bright, Even Zendaya Noticed