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I'm tryiinngg.

HEALTHY FOOD----would be a cute setup for healthy choices at my future wedding :)

It's too late in life for this. But it's cute.

Id love to see my best friends married to good, God fearing men, and have lasting Christ-centered marriages!


Before i die. There will always be insecurities, still I have already won my worst/biggest battle. It would be nice to put these to rest


Save a life. I stopped my friend from committing suicide. He thanked me for saving his life.

Stand on the equator

Before I die, I want to.Stand on the Equator! It's my first time to know about this but it seems interesting so I'm going to add it to my bucket list ;

check / http://feliciaolivias.blogspot.com/

Make someone I love a birthday cake. I can totally check this off my list tonight. I'm making my boyfriend a birthday cake for when he comes to visit tomorrow.

Bucket List Before I Die

I must read these things wrong or something. I read it "Float in the dead sea before I die" as in that I'm going to die when I float in the dead sea.

before I die, I'd like to ... read every book I own. • #bucketlist #beforeIdie

Pretty much done, with the exception of a few stragglers. I don't usually buy books I don't plan to read.

Never played it though.  Regret.

Growing up we had a piano and I took piano lessons. I love being able to play. I want a black baby grand piano one day.