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I'm tryiinngg.

HEALTHY FOOD----would be a cute setup for healthy choices at my future wedding :)

before i die, done this a couple times, wish to do it moore

The Tuna Pizza, for example, uses a crisp tortilla as a base. It's topped with spicy tuna (made spicy by a mayo-based sauce), cilantro, tomatoes and sweetish hiyashi wakame (cold seaweed).

Read Every Book On My To-Read List. # Before I Die # Bucket List

Read Every Book On My To-Read List. # Before I Die # Bucket List. That is a longggg list

Growing my hair out right now     :)

Bucket List: Donate my hair to a cancer patient. DONE: check out "Wigs for Kids" they are an amazing organization doing amazing things

With my love on the roof of his car. Such an amazing night. I miss that.

Done:) Laying outside with my sweet. He actually woke me to come outside and watch the shower with him;

Harry Potter movies in one day? I think yes!

Bucket List: Watch all of the Harry Potter movies in one day. (It takes 46 mins with out factoring in time to switch out dvds and bathroom breaks, then if you want to get your self some food or anything else, you're looking at a good hours at least.