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We're really loving the cute, whimsical work of Spanish artist, Lady Desidia . Delicately drawn and painted doe-eyed maidens with birds in their hair, are just some of the gorgeous motifs within her.

Image of Print gato

Print gato

Image of Print gato Illustrationy by Lady Desidia: lovely little princess drawing with a cat

Excellent : GaGa-Licious (Lady Gaga Illustrations) by Adrian Valencia #ladygaga #illustration

The many looks of lady Gaga — by the fabulous Illustrator Adrian Valencia. ADORE his retro style, & the colors he used for Mother Monster are spot on!


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worth 1000 words: flowers in your hair

worth 1000 words: flowers in your hair (Small for Big)

Let’s embrace spring as literally as possible, with flowers in our hair. Illustration found via Les Chosettes. The post worth 1000 words: flowers in your hair appeared first on Small for Big.