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erik kessels foam-03

Art Exhibit for Swim in Photos Literally !

Having a hard time with photos laying around? Well organizing them and preserving them are a great way to not have a messy photo collection anymore!

People consume photographs they dont look at them anymore. Erik Kessels . The Many Lives of Erik Kessels (Aperture 2017) is a primer on how to lookand how to better understand the hybrid practice of this artist who defies categorization. Available now through the link in our bio. . Image: Erik Kessels installation shot of 24 Hrs in Photos FOAM Amsterdam 2011; from The Many Lives of Erik Kessels (Aperture/CAMERA 2017) via Aperture Foundation on Instagram - #photographer #photography #photo…

I have always liked this photo by the artist Erik Kessels who made an art installation called 24 Hours Of Photos.

Joshua Smith

Incredibly Detailed Urban Miniature by Artist Joshua Smith

Artist Joshua Smith creates these miniature cities that are absolutely packed with detail. The Australian artist has a certain flair for working in small

Saatchi Art Artist Tehos Frederic CAMILLERI; Collage, “Crazy week” #art

Crazy week

Buy Crazy Week, Collage by Tehos on Artfinder. Discover thousands of other original paintings, prints, sculptures and photography from independent artists.

photos ruined by fingers Erik Kessels

Ruined Photos from Erik Kessel: Attack of the Giant Fingers

KesselsKramer’s hilarious new “corporate” Hans Brinker Budget Hotel identity

Same lack of social skills - different accent - Hans Brinker Hostel Lisbon

photos ruined by fingers

Ruined Photos from Erik Kessel: Attack of the Giant Fingers

Attack of the giant fingers: a photo series dedicated to poor photography!

I added this just because I watch the TV show Hoarders! But MINI!

Pathological Hoarder Dollhouses - 'Barbie Trashes Her Dreamhouse' is Inspired by the Word Kawaii (GALLERY)