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You can reverse the "expectations" and "reality" half the time- I can fail badly even when I study hard!!

this is me right now cause i studied yesterday and today for a test i have tomorrow and sure enough.i will freak out

Super Smooth Pickup Line

This has to be the best pick up line ever… this guy is really funny I think his costume name is Puff the Magic Dragon

:sigh:  Sounds about right.

Funny pictures about Stages of procrastination. Oh, and cool pics about Stages of procrastination. Also, Stages of procrastination photos.

Follower lovely pretty cute nice beautiful enjoy happy life love sweet heee cute smile smiles cute stuff awww

chibird: “ XD Popcorn is so delightful. Favorite movies: The Incredibles, Spirited Away (+Miyazaki films in general).

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre tu y un calendario? #Foreveralone

Funny pictures about You and a calendar. Oh, and cool pics about You and a calendar. Also, You and a calendar photos.

Oh Stop It You

Are you made of copper and tellurium? Hmm perfect valentines day card for a nerdy guy. My kind of humor!