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MITÄ IHMETTÄ ISI PUUHAA? Pikkuruinen gibbonivauva seuraa isänsä edesottamuksia duisburgilaisessa eläintarhassaan Saksassa.

White-cheeked gibbon, Duisburg zoo, Germany A female white-cheeked gibbon baby watches its father at the zoo on February

Saguino : new-born cotton-top tamarin - Martin Meissner/AP Photo

A new-born cotton-top tamarin sits on the shoulder of its mother on February

Blackpool Zoo - Blackpool Zoo/REX

Blackpool Zoo has seen the arrival of a host of gorgeous baby animals just in time for Easter. Six different species have welcomed youngsters including baby meerkats, ring tailed lemurs, tree shrews, a cotton-top tamarin, a colobus monkey and a

New Born beloruky gibbon at St Petersburg Zoo - Andrey Pronin/SIPA/REX

Start your day by looking at these cute and cuddly baby animals that have been seen in zoos around the world this year.

Old baby 'Mjukuu - Toby Zerna / Newspix/REX

Mjukuu, gorilla, Taronga Zoo, Australia Western lowland gorilla mother named Mbeli carries her baby named Mjukuu on January

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its so sad what we (humans) do to these intelligent loving creatures, please stop buying products that still do animal testing PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU.

Zoológico da França apresenta filhote de urso polar ao público - e outras fotos desta segunda http://glo.bo/1x8Mtob

Época on

Check out some of the cutest new additions to zoo families all over the world.

Mamãe Gorila com seu filhote

Easy Science for Kids All About Gorillas - The Heaviest Primates. Learn fun exciting facts on Gorillas with our Kids Science Online Site on Gorillas!

Mt Bruce National Wildlife Reserve - Mike Heydon/Jet Productions NZ Limited via Getty Images

The Aussie dollar is soaring against the Kiwi logging its largest gain in over 2 years - Business Insider Australia

Tamandua mom and baby.

The southern tamandua, also called the collared anteater or lesser anteater, is a species of anteaters from South America.

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Primate Perplexity by TerribleTer You will agree.I MUST find a new hairdresser!

Very Hairy Baby Orangutan in his Mother's arms

Orangutan baby's bad hair day, reminds me of me when I wake up in the morning!