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KUKA SIELLÄ? PIKKUKIRAHVILLE KAIKKI ON UUTTA JA IHMEELLISTÄ Stuttgartilaisessa eläintarhassa juhlittiin helmikuussa uutta kirahvitulokasta.

Zoo Babies of Wilhelma zoo, Germany Newborn baby giraffe with mother Kiburi at the zoo on February


These Photos Taken In The Wild Are Unlike Anything I've Ever Seen. Number 9 Will Drop Your Jaw.

There is only one species, or kind, of giraffe. But not all giraffes are the same. There are eight different groups of giraffes. Each group of giraffes has a different coat pattern. The pattern is a clue to which group a giraffe belongs to.

Baby giraffe

Since tiny giraffes are all the rage thanks to those DirecTV ads, here are a bunch of real life mini-raffes. Giraffes are weird and beautiful creatures. Kind of lIke elongated goats.

the top of baby's head is universally kissable :)

GIRAFFES ARE TOO CUTE! Cofi's name in Swahili means “born on Friday” (which she was) and her arrival at Tampa's Busch Gardens brings the park’s reticulated giraffe population to (Courtesy Busch Gardens) From: See the 35 Cutest Zoo Babies of

Anne ile Yavru Zürafa

Baby giraffe at Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach, FL.does anyone remember when we had a Lion Country Safari right here in the O.

It doesn't seem like it has been a week since I posted on my weekly Pinterest finds, but here we are again.  I hope that you ENJOY!        ...

21 Cute Baby Animals giraffe baby with mom babies. I love baby animals. Literally I'm way too obsessed with baby animals.

3 Baby Giraffes

Fake - This is not three Giraffes. - This is three images or frames of the same Giraffe pasted on the background.

12 Funny Giraffe Memes That Will Make Your Day

12 Funny Giraffe Memes That Will Make Your Day