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"You haven't had sex till you've had SEX with a Bwahaha! YES and a scorpio love u babe

Yep That's me!

Idk what they're talkin about, im not as beautiful as most librans lol.


some say I'm shy but those who really know me say I'm talkative. These horoscopes are creepily true.

Fun facts about your sign here

I'm not to much about the zodiac thing, but according to it I'm a libra and this is so true. SO TRUE

Horoscope Du Jour : Description The little things mean the most but I can be bribed with a little Money, Marc Jacobs, Burberry or LV. #LibraProbz - #Horoscope

Very true. When I tested for my black belt, a friend of mine helped me warm-up. It meant the world to me, even though it was such a simple thing.


Libras are drawn to beauty, whatever its form. Even when a relationship has gone sour, a Libra hesitates to be the one who ends it.

Yeah, my fingers don't snap

When a Libra is hurt they can't just snap out of it. Especially after all they put into the friendship or relationship.

I do t really know how to explain what organized chaos means

I do t really know how to explain what organized chaos means

Yes we are very good at controlling/hiding our emotions but at the same time only the ones we truly trust will see it. #Gemini

Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo agreed.but Libra.because all the libras I know are really dramatic

@Brookelyn Lovins tell if im doing anytime lol around you know who

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