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Step one: Hey there! This must be your first time using tampons, because why else would you be looking at the instructions? First of all don't worry, we're gonna get through this together. <3

If Tampon Instructions Were Actually Helpful

Getting your period has turned into such a negative thing in today's society. Instead of rejoicing in her fertility, most young girls worry about bloating, being clean, smelling clean, and preventing cramps and mood swings.

Finally, a new era of tampons that are better for you

6 tampon brands that are better for you—and women in need

Kali Organic Tampons Subscription Box Review

In life, situations tend to arise unexpectedly and you wish had something on you to be more prepared. Check out this clutch list of the most useful things you'll want to keep on you going forward!

Tampax Radiant Regular Tampons - 16 count

Tampax Radiant Regular Tampons - 16 count

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