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Everybody Wants To Be Found : Photo

arpeggia: “ Yago Hortal - acrylic on linen, 130 x 97 cm See more Yago Hortal posts here.

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Beautiful Poster Designs

Today we’ve collected 29 new poster designs that we’ve stumbled upon since our last poster gallery.

plexi perfect pixel

plexi perfect pixel

Colour_Arhitektura+ (1)


Thomas Pepler

Thomas Pepler is a graphic designer based in Cape Town, who also regularly takes film photographs of the things he sees from day to day.

fractalism 021018 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

fractalism 021018 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Ana Bidart, a Uruguay-born artist based in Mexico City, has spent a portion of her career working with “desechos,” or “residues.” This idea refers to the objects that are necessary but not often.

New Compositions - Chad Hagen | Art + Design

Chad Hagen is a midwest based Artist, Designer & Illustrator.

Yago Hortal SP27. acrylic on linen. 31x35cm. 2012

That’s acrylic paint on linen. A lot of acrylic paint on linen! I think anyone who has ever used acrylic knows, and loves, that feeling when the paint on your palette dries into lumps, blobs, and waves that you can peel off in plastic-ish chunks

Santa Vittoria ad. One of my favourite print ads.

Neild Ave resturant Mural/Santa Vittoria - Rebecca Wetzler Portfolio - The Loop