Daisies: My all time favorite flower! Great photo of shasta daisies along a picket fence.


Gowans - the Scottish daisy. Gowanlea means daisy meadow. One dayI would like our garden full of these

Yellow Roses.  They remind me of my mother.. a little bit of heaven right here.   gardening

Top 10 Most Beautiful Yellow Roses

climbing yellow roses, love this color with the old wood fence. Yellow roses are so happy!

White Cosmos. This may not be a building or be considered architecture, but I'm putting this in my architecture album anyway because I like this photo because of the arrangement of the flowers & color scheme, which are both associated with architecture (arrangement & color scheme).

picket fence and white daisies ~ happy! (and yes, I know these are really cosmos but we know them as Cornish daisies in our family) scrummy-gardens

Blue flowers. love them but question: do natural real blue flowers even exist?

Blue Horizon, Wildflowers, Tehachapi, California - Baby Blue Eyes are one of Samanta's favorites!

Melancholic. Feels so dainty and unreachable. The kind you feel like touching but can't bear to.

I just realized that I'm in love with mint color so here are a few bits of minty inspiration for the transition to spring… I hop.


A weathered post and rail fence with pastel lavender iris and a rambling red rose. This is so soft and pretty.