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haha i dont know why i found this so funny


funny quote there is not a better feeling than someone playing with your hair unless you thought you were alone

@Ashley Allen should do this :))

Also, wear glasses. You'll get shot for sure. <--- the fact that I actually wear glasses.

Lol that explains me

And then my friend start laughing because I was laughing so long or weird that they start laughing and make me laugh

i do this all the time!!!

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happens a lot... especially since I'm the only one who packs their lunch and everyone else has to wait in line.

That awkward moment when you're the first one at the lunch table and you look like a loner.

I can't do that because my teacher just calls on me when ever he wants so I'm sitting there on the edge of my chair like "don't pick meee"

Hate it when someone skipped a paragraph and then everyone is waiting fot you and your like.

Teenager Post

(Hears loud thumps while in the shower) Me: (Gasps) What are they doing to my family?

So so true!

that awkward moment when a package says "easy open" and you end up using scissors a knife, a hammer, a gun and a lightsaber trying to open it

I only have 5 people's numbers.

Hannah Montana and Rico sharing her" secret." He just got to that school, how does he have all their numbers(:

There are girls my age in the School of American Ballet and I just started a teens' beginners' class.

Teenager Post There are 15 year olds skating in the Olympics and I can't even walk down my driveway in winter.

Finally someone understands. The same thing goes for the user names like there's no way that someone else used my nickname, my middle name, and my lucky number with the number proceeding it!! And if so just give it to me please

Teenager Post Sorry your password must contain the entire alphabet, your left foot, a theme song to a television show, and the blood of your enemies. haha this is so true though lol