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Carvin Guitars BOLT, yellow gold metallic (YM), painted headstock (PH), stainless steel frets (STF), no inlays (NIN), ebony fingerboard (EF), white pearloid pickguard (WP), locking tuners (CL), black hardware (BC), black logo (BL)

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Country twang, to rich, dark midnite jazz chords, to that elusive `in-between quack-tone' in just the flick of a switch, and more, it's all there in spades.

Jerry Donahue On Telecaster-Style Bridge Intonation


1990 USA Natural Fender Stratocaster Plus Deluxe Guitar Locking Tuners Lace

Fret-King Black Label Corona 'JV' John Verity Guitar

Fret-King Black Label Corona 'JV' John Verity Guitar

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