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I went indoor skydiving earlier this year with my boyfriend. I love new experiences and indoor skydiving inspired me to try new things more often.

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Writing a comic book's has been a dream of mine for years and years so it of course has to go on my bucket list.

#226- Go on a Disney cruise. Because Disney is awesome, so if you add in traveling and water, my mind is blown! :D

Really want to go on a Disney cruise. I've been on a cruise before, but never a Disney cruise.

try aireal yoga

Studio ascend north haven-I teach slow flow Mondays at

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This is on my bucket list. I wanna go so bad... To pay my respect... :( I wanna do something with this pin, pin it please. This doesn't have to be on your bucket list I don't care, just show your respect for the 9/11 heroes, please even if you weren't born.

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Ground Zero New York. The memorial was under construction when we visited there but I think this is a beautiful picture.

Best Friend trip anyone?!

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- visit Abbey Road with 3 of my friends and recreate the Beatles' cover

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Been a dream of mine for years!

Visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to see the carnival

#honeymoon This is 100% in my dream book/bucket list!! Would you like Extra…

This is in my dream book/bucket list! Would you like Extra income? Then be coached on a basis by me to build a successful business! Your dreams are waiting.

That would be so cool!

send a letter to a random address and see if they write back (that would be kinda fun). Some write back, some never do.

Have to go here!!

visit the hidden beach at Marieta island. Wow I wanna go here

Still need to read this book!

theteen-bucketlist: “ Have breakfast at Tiffany’s.


Christmas in New York. An ice skating at Rockefeller Center!

Soooon:) pending tho :( haha

I've been to the Eiffel Tower. but I've never been to the top

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