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Raves   Completed on June 30 2013 at electric forest.✅

College: Expectations Vs. Reality

Go to a rave! This is lie the one thing I really want to do! / Bucket List Ideas / Before I Die. Boom done this in Ibiza baby

color run! by Mariahstefani

doing this in January. its a run, u wear a white shirt, and at every markerof how far youve gone, a color sprays on u, at the end u look like a rainbow! cant wait :) friend of mine did it and looked awesome

I've always wanted to do this

Bucket list: visit a chocolate factory to see how my favorite sweet treats are made!<<I went to the Hershey Chocolate Factory :)

I can now officially check this off my bucket list !

Before I die I to go on the skydeck in Chicago