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create and meet goals: having something positive to look forward to is important. we no longer have the structure of childhood to keep us motivated and subsequently rewarded. so set goals for yourself, big or small. then meet them. then set new ones

feel content: nobody gets everything they want. new problems arise. instead of striving for perfection, strive for contentedness. find a way to be happy with what you already have and youll always have exactly what you need

One step at a time 😁 Many interesting possibilities but the commitments are too great. Major turn-off.


“hope ya'll finding some time for yourselves this weekend. xo // my books Playing With Fire and Hunting Season are available via the link on the home page.

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find fresh inspiration: your thing can start to feel like the only thing, but…

Yes, don't give up! Start the journey. #growth #motivation #progress

Feeling it now. So over everything I will get the spark back and allow my light to shine. But for TODAY I will rest and heal up and look forward to the future


But this is no excuse to simply submit to such negative tendencies. We must rise above them.

shepraises:Paint, sing, dream. Silence those voices. God has... | wonder / wander | Bloglovin’

shepraises:Paint, sing, dream. Silence those voices. God has... (wonder / wander)